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We are involved with many projects and programs that serve the different needs of Sengekontacket. See what we are doing to make a difference.


For each challenge we face, we work closely with local experts and organizations to develop projects which address the issues and aim to accomplish our goals as effectively as possible. Our work is backed by detailed research and planning, collaboration with key organizations and build on the legacy of successful projects.

We constantly review the work and progress of these projects making sure they are on track and are meeting the expectations of our supporters. We are always thinking of ways we can grow and improve. If you have an idea for a project that you think we should be involved in let us know, we would love to hear your ideas.

Salt Marsh Elevation Monitoring

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FOS provided funding for the equipment to monitor the elevation of salt marshes in Senge to plan for the needs of these vital habitats as climate change increases.

NISPBeach Trash Collection

Oyster Bar Project

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Since 2017, FOS has funded an Experimental Oyster Bar project, an MV Shellfish Group project to develop small oyster beds in the upper reaches of Majors Cove.

Carry In Carry Home Contest

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The Carry In Carry Home contest takes place in the spring each year, where students from the island schools create posters to remind beach goers to carry out their trash!

Bathymetry & Tidal Flow Measurements

48-Sengekontacket Pond & Barrier Beach (

FOS funded one of their biggest projects yet; the depth and tidal flow measurements of Sengekontacket pond. The information collected will guide future mitigation efforts.

Dunes Restoration


FOS and Dukes County developed the State Beach Dunes Restoration Project in 2015 and we have seen progress in the restoration and protection of the dunes and beach

Summer Internships

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FOS has sponsored summer interns each summer since 2015 who assist the Edgartown and Oak Bluffs Shellfish Departments with raising, monitoring, and transplanting shellfish.

Beach Trash Collection- NIPSY


In 2019 we worked with local artists to use the beach trash we collected to build a 20ft shark "Nipsy", which helped us raise awareness about beach pollution!

Beach Clean Up Summer Employees

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Starting in 2018 we employ local youths,  who work three days each week over the summer to help keep the pond, beach, and roads clean!

Oar and Paddle Regatta


For many years we have been hosting the race for cleaner waters in August where paddlers of all levels come together to raise money for FOS!



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We are involved with many projects that are created to educate the community about the pond and barrier beach ecosystems.

Cyanobacteria Testing

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MV CYANO is a collaborative initiative to monitor cyanobacteria on Martha’s Vineyard in different bodies of water.

State Beach Task Force

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The State Beach Task Force (SBTF) has a specific goal to maintain the integrity of and to protect the beach for wildlife and people. 


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