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Beach Clean Up Crew

In the busy summer months on the island State Beach sees a large increase in visitors, and with those visitors comes a large increase in beach trash. To combat these summer months, Friends of Sengekontacket implemented an exciting new project. Each summer we fund three to five awesome members to help clean the beach during the summer.


For two mornings each week, the crew meets at Island Spirit Kayak to collect their cleanup gear and head off towards Jaws Bridge, picking up trash as they go! They spread out to cover both the pond and ocean side beaches and the dunes around the road.


FOS funds the project which is managed by Island Spirit Kayak. Please contact Island Spirit Kayak for more information. The crew collects about two garbage bags of trash each day and play a huge role in keeping State Beach clean and healthy! 

If you know someone who would be good at this job over the summer,  email

camelback maddie -1.jpg
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