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Bathymetry & Tidal Flow

FOS, in collaboration with the MV Shellfish Group and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, is funding extensive Bathymetry (depth) and Tidal Flow measurements of Sengekontacket. This data will be analyzed and compared to hydrodynamic models developed for the 2005 Mass Estuaries Project. This data will help determine changes in the flushing and silting of the Pond over the past 15 years. The results of the project are expected to provide the data needed to support dredging in some critical channel and flats areas to improve pond circulation.


A FOS science team working with the MVC came up with the plan to support Bathymetry and Tidal Flow measurements in Senge. This is the largest project we have underwritten in the past 10 years, with $15,500 for the Bathymetry measurements and $6700 for the Tidal Flow measurements. The Bathymetry measurements were made in the fall of 2020, and the Tidal Flow measurements are planned for spring of 2021. We are currently working with Woods Hole scientists and the MVC to define the data analysis needed to compare the new data with the 20 year old MEP data. Once the analysis is done, we would recommend to Oak Bluffs, the MVC and other parties on possible mitigation measures.

Survey Report

48-Sengekontacket Pond & Barrier Beach (
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