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Summer Interns

FOS sponsors summer internships as an opportunity for students with an interest in marine sciences to get hands on educational experience and help out our shellfish community. The interns work with the Edgartown and Oak Bluffs Shellfish Departments with the raising, monitoring, and transplanting of shellfish, including oysters, quahogs, and bay scallops; harvesting and transplanting ribbed mussels; evaluating the use of coir logs to reinforce eroding shorelines; establishing an oyster bed; and other duties as assigned.  

The interns also assist the Martha's Vineyard Commission’s Water Resources Planner with water sampling, processing, analysis, and reporting.  


The interns submit a report on their experience and accomplishments at the end of the summer, click on one below to read more about their experience. 

2022 Anne Culbert

2019 Emma Gelante

2019 Maddie Latimore

2018 Amanda Josephson & Marley Kaplan

Interested in becoming an intern?

The intern must be willing to do physical work, able to swim, and comfortable in and around water.  

  • The ability to operate a small rowboat/kayak and small outboard motor is desirable.  

  • Experience with snorkeling is also useful.  

  • The intern should be able to work independently and some knowledge of environmental studies, oceanography, marine botany/biology, or field mapping is desirable.  

  • Experience with writing and analyzing technical reports, ability to translate scientific and technical information into documents understandable by the general public and experience with Microsoft Office and Excel and basic laboratory tasks are desirable.   


Daily starting hours will vary with the tides and will include some starts before 7 AM. Employment  begins on or about June 1, for ten weeks. Neither transportation nor housing is provided.


The MVC will hire the intern and pay the salary, Social Security, workers' compensation insurance premium, and the unemployment insurance premium.  FOS will reimburse the MVC for their costs.  Daily supervision will be by the Shellfish Wardens and the MVC Water Resources Planner.


If interested, contact FOS at the email address below!

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