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Signs and Kiosks

The large Barrier Beach sign located at the beginning of State Beach in Oak Bluffs had degraded to the point of being unreadable. In 2017 a new sign was designed, fabricated and installed by the development team of  Steve Zablotney design, WHOI Sea Grant Program, FOS and Dukes County.


In 2020, FOS and Dukes County are collaborating in development of new educational signs to be installed at the old Kiosks at the Little Bridge and the Big Bridge. FOS proposed and received a grant from the Edey Foundation to fund the signs. Dukes County is providing  additional funds for more extensive redesign and installation. The same development team who developed the Barrier Beach sign is working the project. 


FOS is working with the County to develop and install new Beach Regulation signs for each pathway and the main entrances to State Beach in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs

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